Rapid Response

February 3, 2012

Has the city’s response been adequate in light of the first major ‘snowstorm of the season?’

Yes! Days before the storm, I went for a run through Lake Boren and I saw the preparations of the trucks, equipment and all. They were ready. When the storm came on Sunday, the plows were hard at work and didn’t stop until it was over days later.

— Trina Sooy

The city has done a really good job in my part of Newcastle keeping the roads as passable as possible under difficult conditions. I live on a neighborhood arterial, and the plow and sander are constantly going by. I was amazed on Monday morning that they had been working all night, the results being the road was very clear. It has remained so all week.

— Valerie Young

Excellent, I saw them out there at 2:30 in the morning!

—Lee Strom

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Rapid Response

October 9, 2011

What should be done about drivers passing buses illegally at the intersection of Newcastle Way and Coal Creek Parkway?

I think they need a legal way to do it so they don’t end up obstructing traffic that may be backed up onto Coal Creek Parkway.

Peggy Price


Make it not illegal. That “intersection redo” is the biggest waste of taxpayers’ money I have ever seen. Move the bus stop back to in front of HomeStreet Bank.

Gary and Suzi Beerman


The bus stop should have been designed to have a deeper pullout area to get the bus out of the traffic flow, with a merge lane. This intersection and stop should have been a “hub” stop for the area defining itself as our city center. The City Council needs to address this without effecting traffic flow.

Jeff Skocelas

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Rapid Response

July 1, 2011

What do you think of the new Lake Boren Park playground?


Lake Boren Park playground is a huge success for Newcastle. The kids love it. The park looks great with it. It was also built under budget and we actually refund the balance back to the state.

— Jesse Tam, Newcastle


Fantastic! My kids love it.

— Trina Sooy, Newcastle

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Rapid Response

April 1, 2011

Newcastle now has 10,380 people. What do you think of the city finally hitting the 10,000 mark?

Great! Does that make us a little closer to gaining our own ZIP code?

— Trina Sooy, Newcastle

I think hitting the 10,000 mark is a cause for celebration! We are a growing city … and that is good news for tax revenues and interest in our city.

— Jackie Foskett, Newcastle

Not much. It’s our quality of life that matters, not a number.

— Lee Strom, Newcastle

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Rapid Response

March 4, 2011

What do you think of the City Council’s decision to move City Hall to the Newcastle Professional Center?

OK, as long as we can develop where City Hall currently is into a good tax resource (i.e. a great bistro-type restaurant. No fast food allowed!) for the city.

— Jackie Foskett, Newcastle

I think larger space was sacrificed for nicer space when funds are low. Rent could go up substantially before improvements are amortized. Maintenance and storage spaces are still needed.

— Peggy Price, Newcastle

Great move and better accessibility for all.

— Trina Sooy, Newcastle

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Rapid Response

February 4, 2011

What do you think of the Parks Commission’s recommendation to build a dog park at the site of the future sports park on Southeast 95th Way?

Can we just build it somewhere — anywhere — and move on to other things, like safe sidewalks on all major roads around Newcastle?

— Trina Sooy, Newcastle

I’m still waiting for the library and athletic fields Sonny Putter and the rest of the City Council promised 10 years ago when I first moved into the community. Nothing against dogs or dog owners, but I am curious how the city of Newcastle manages its priorities. If the Parks Commission has recommended a dog park as a priority over a park kids can use, I’d recommend they become outwardly mobile.

— Troy Anderson, Newcastle

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Rapid Response

January 7, 2011

What is your New Year’s resolution?

Reduce the amount of clutter in our home.

Trina Sooy, Newcastle

More of the same.

Lee Strom, Newcastle

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Rapid Response

December 2, 2010

What do you think of the city’s new website design?

It’s very classy! It took me a moment to figure out what the homepage picture is since I don’t always equate Newcastle to the golf course, though.

- Trina Sooy, Newcastle

They have

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a new website design? Ever since Newcastle 411 died, I’ve really been out of touch with the city.

- Troy Hopwood, Newcastle

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Rapid Response

November 5, 2010

The City Council could raise property taxes by 1 percent in November. Should it? Why or why not?

I would rather the City Council raise property taxes by 1 percent than leave parks unmaintained.

— Peggy Price, Newcastle

What do you think about cutting parks maintenance for all parks except Lake Boren and Donegal next year, likely leaving maintenance duties to neighborhoods?

Having neighborhoods maintain parks is an interesting concept. I’m not an attorney, but I wonder about liability. If a volunteer gardener gets hurt using a mower or some other tool, or if a park visitor gets injured by a volunteer, it seems the city could have significant liability exposure.

— Will Winslow, Newcastle

With Thanksgiving approaching, for what are you thankful this year?

I am thankful for the city employees and volunteers who are working together diligently to make Newcastle a pleasant community.

— Peggy Price, Newcastle

I’m thankful for my family, friends and finally being employed!

— Trina Sooy, Newcastle

Rapid Response

October 4, 2010

What do you think of the City Council hiring interim City Manager Rob Wyman as its permanent city manager?

I am looking forward to seeing how the community evolves under his leadership.

-Trina Sooy, Newcastle

We are thrilled to have Rob as city manager. He’s passionate and honest and really is looking out for the best interest of the city.

- Brenda Nunes, works in Newcastle

I feel good about Rob Wyman. Now that he is thoroughly acquainted with the city, he will have a chance to propose and implement solutions.

- Peggy Price, Newcastle

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