Notes from Newcastle — Summertime blues

July 2, 2015

While most of the region’s residents patiently endure the constant Northwest rain with the knowledge that at the end of the long, grey tunnel sits one prize of a summer, some strange individuals silently voice their displeasure with the sunny months.

“It’s too hot,” they say. “I miss my rain,” they lament. “Where are the clouds?” they ask.

They justify their aversion to summer weather by slowly repeating PEMCO’s “We’re a lot like you, a little different” mantra. “There must be others like me,” they insist, though they’re never quite sure.

They most closely identify with the insurance company’s “First Snowflake Freakout Lady,” only replace snowflake with “90-degree day” and you’ve got yourself a winner. Read more

Newcastle native inspires PEMCO’s newest Northwest Profile

August 29, 2014

PEMCO Insurance introduced audiences to Sandals & Socks Guy, Goat Renter Guy and First Snowflake Freakout Lady through its offbeat advertising campaign highlighting Northwest Profiles.

Now, you can add Nothing Between Me and My Tan Man to the list of quirky Northwest characters, thanks to inspiration from Newcastle native Alex Bell.

Bell, a 2009 Liberty High School graduate, won a PEMCO video contest in 2012, as the company sought new profiles for its “We’re A Lot Like You. A Little Different.” advertising campaign. Read more