Committee approves $518 million bond proposal for Issaquah schools

June 4, 2015

A committee of parents, principals and other educational leaders has approved a plan that would ask Issaquah School District voters for more than a half-billion dollars to build four new schools and modernize several others.

At a May 6 meeting, the district’s bond feasibility and development committee approved a package that would raise $518.5 million in voter-approved funds. The bond measure would likely appear on ballots in spring 2016.

The final item to be added to the proposal is a big one: $120 million for a fourth comprehensive high school. The school would likely be built for a core population of 1,500 – smaller than Skyline and Issaquah high schools, but bigger than Liberty, which finished an expansion and modernization project last year.

Another $148.5 million would go toward building a new middle school and two new elementary schools. That would give the district a total of six middle schools and 17 elementary schools. Read more

Bellevue resident Anne Moore readies to join school board

December 1, 2011

Long before the first ballot was mailed back to King County, Issaquah School District residents were guaranteed of seeing at least one new face on their school board of directors next year.

Bellevue resident Anne Moore ran unopposed for the District One seat being vacated by current board president Jan Colbrese.

“I will always be deeply invested in the Issaquah School District,” Colbrese said.

Anne Moore

But after what will be 12 years on the board, Colbrese said that following discussions with her husband, she decided it was time to move on. She further noted that all of her children have now graduated from district schools.

Colbrese announced her decision not to run in June, prior to the election filing deadline. Issaquah School District 1 covers an area of the district to the west of Issaquah and south to Coalfield and north to Lake Sammamish.

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Committee sifts through criteria for uniform high school schedule

December 1, 2011

NEW — 2:50 p.m., Dec. 1, 2011

Patrick Murphy, executive director of secondary education for the Issaquah School District, said he believes a volunteer committee will meet a seemingly ambitious Dec. 14 deadline and come up with a uniform schedule to be implemented at all four of the district’s high schools — a goal that could have significant implications to Liberty High School’s class schedules.

Many parents, especially those from Liberty, haven’t been shy about expressing their thoughts regarding the current high school schedules. Liberty operates on a different pattern than the other district high schools and many parents and students alike are defensive of the flexibility they believe that unique schedule allows.

One figure thrown out had Liberty students spending 38 percent of their time in electives. The same figure was given as 27 percent at Issaquah and Skyline high schools. In some minds, added elective time is a big plus to be protected. For others, electives are seen as digging into time for core classes, such as math and language arts.

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Find the perfect prom dress that won’t empty the pocketbook

April 9, 2010

NEW — 12:30 p.m. April 9, 2010

Searching high and low, high school senior girls are scouring the malls for dresses decked in lace, beads, satin or chiffon this spring. But finding the perfect dress can wreak havoc on parents’ pocketbooks.

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