To the Editor — Newing and Dauterman are right for Newcastle

September 30, 2015

NEW — 2:54 p.m. Sept. 30, 2015

Every election we, as voters, have a responsibility to select the right people to guide our city. Sometimes the choice is difficult, but not this year.

Linda Newing and Allen Dauterman have earned the right to represent us through their willingness to serve and the actions they have taken to be as informed as possible. Linda led a neighborhood action to build a new a park in her neighborhood, serves as the vice chairwoman of the Community Activities Commission, is the lead on many summer events, such as Newcastle Days, and has pursued meetings with city staff to become knowledgeable about budgets, public safety issues and infrastructure management. Her experience working for the city of Renton will be a valuable asset. Read more

Comp Plan public hearing is tonight

May 19, 2015

NEW — 6 a.m. May 19, 2015

What will the city of Newcastle look like 20 years from now?

Will the city’s downtown core grow? What will happen with Lake Boren? How will neighborhoods and the general populace change?

No one knows for sure how the city will transform two decades from now, but current Newcastle residents have the opportunity to contribute their vision of the city’s future as the City Council puts the finishing touches on an update to the Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan, dubbed Newcastle 2035, is a document that outlines the city’s vision and goals for the future. Read more

December letters

December 4, 2014

Educate yourself about Energize Eastside Program

As a resident and a physician, I am very concerned about Puget Sound Energy’s Energize Eastside Program.

What started as a far-sighted request to upgrade an aging infrastructure and plan for future growth has been hijacked into an oversized project that benefits a foreign-owned private corporation (PSE) as it prepares to divest in 2017.

Local needs have been expanded into a crisis, and we Eastside residents are being asked to pay for a vastly oversized project that seems more suited to transferring power between Canada and California than meeting our expected growth.

The Coalition of Eastside Neighbors for Sensible Energy has enlisted the talents of Eastside residents, including electrical engineers and people who have worked in the power industry, and have unearthed documents, data and have subsequently proposed an alternative solution. This can all be viewed at its website, Read more

Orville McDonald fills Planning Commission vacancy

March 5, 2014

The Newcastle City Council has appointed resident Orville McDonald to fill the Planning Commission vacancy left by Deputy Mayor John Drescher.

McDonald is a senior product manager at Microsoft, and has background in acquiring and managing rental properties, as well as land development.

Orville McDonald 2013

Orville McDonald

“Having lived in a variety of places, what drew my young family and I to Newcastle is the sense of community and how well it has been laid out,” he wrote in his application.

Read more