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Only obituaries that are 50 words or fewer are free of charge. This is just a few sentences and includes basic information about the person and service information.

Longer obituaries will be charged based on word count. If you fill out more than the first few boxes in this form, the obituary is likely no longer free. The average obituary — with birth and death information, service information, some detail about a person’s life and a list of survivors — typically costs between $100 and $150, and that includes a photo.

If you have a budget you’re trying to meet, please put that figure in the last block of the form as other pertinent information.

Up to 50 words No charge Photo: +$30
51-150 words $70 Photo: +$30
151-250 words $110 Photo: +$30
251-350 words $160 Photo: +$30
351-450 words $210 Photo: +$30
451-550 words $260 Photo: +$30
words over 550
$50 per 50 words Photo: included

Second newspaper: 50 percent discount

***up to 3 tear sheets at no charge if obits is paid for

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