Police blotter

March 5, 2014

Hot and cold

A large industrial heater and three box fans, together valued at about $2,500, were stolen from an under-construction housing development in the 8100 block of 134th Court Southeast between Jan. 31 and Feb. 1.


Stolen laptop

An unknown suspect shattered the rear window of a car in the parking lot of the Cedar Rim Apartments, 7920 110th Ave. S.E., between Feb. 2 and 3, taking a backpack and laptop valued at about $1,000.


Strike a pose

A resident reported Feb. 3 that more than $5,000 worth of photography equipment was stolen from a car parked in the 12600 block of Southeast 81st Court between Jan. 21 and 24. There was no sign of forced entry.

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Police blotter

February 6, 2014

Package thief

A resident reported Jan. 2 that a package containing toys, a Rubik’s Cube and books was stolen from her porch in the 6900 block of 134th Court on Dec. 18.


Sunglasses at night

Sunglasses worth $250 were stolen from a vehicle parked at Castle Creek Apartments, 7000 132nd Place S.E., between Jan. 1 and 2. A black gym bag was also stolen.

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Police Blotter

January 2, 2014

Barking up the wrong tree

A city employee reported Nov. 27 that three oak trees at Lake Boren Park, 13058 S.E. 84th Way, were damaged with a cutting tool. The trees near the park’s playground area had sections of the bark scraped off and as a result may not live. The bark removal appeared systematic with the intent to steal the bark itself. The damage was estimated at $6,000.


Off to the rodeo

An Isuzu Rodeo was stolen from the parking lot of the Cedar Rim Apartments, 7920 110th Ave. S.E., Dec. 1. The car’s owner parked his car at about 11 p.m. and came out to find it gone about 14 hours later.

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Police blotter

December 4, 2013

You’re a star

A black van with a star logo was stolen from the parking lot of Newport Crossing apartments, 7311 Coal Creek Parkway, between the evening of Oct. 26 and the afternoon of Oct. 27. The car had been locked and legally parked.


Nothing to be found

An unknown suspect rummaged through two vehicles parked in the 8800 block of 125th Place Southeast between the evening of Nov. 4 and the morning of Nov. 5. Nothing was damaged or taken from the vehicles.

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Police Blotter

October 31, 2013

No permit, no door bell

Police responded to a report of a suspicious person soliciting door-to-door in the 7500 block of 129th Place Southeast Sept. 27. The man was selling magazines and had a reseller permit, but not a city door-to-door permit. The officer gave the man a warning, telling him to get a city permit.


Drunken disturbance

Oct. 1, two females were reportedly arguing about driving drunk in the parking lot of the Newcastle Crossing Apartments, 7311 Coal Creek Parkway S.E. The police contacted an intoxicated resident who said she had been arguing with her mother earlier. The woman agreed to call it a night and go to sleep, so police left.

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Police & Fire

October 4, 2013

Injured deer

Police responded to reports of an injured deer in the 6900 block of Lake Washington Boulevard Sept. 1. The deer was in a ditch and could not move due to severe injuries. After consulting a superior, the officer was given approval to euthanize the deer. King County Animal Control was notified to pick up the deer.


Caught red-footed

An unknown suspect broke into a car parked in the 8400 block of 129th Avenue Southeast between Sept. 2 and 3, stealing a check book, $200 sunglasses and causing $200 in damage to the car window. Police recovered a piece of paper with a footprint at the scene as evidence.

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Police blotter

August 30, 2013

Stolen car

A vehicle parked in the garage of a home in the 12000 block of Southeast 93rd Street was stolen between the evening of July 31 and the morning of Aug. 1. As was her practice, the vehicle owner left the car doors unlocked and the keys on the dashboard after parking the car, but a family member forgot to close the garage door that evening.


Patriot plumbing

Several plumbing and bathroom fixtures were stolen from the construction site at Liberty High School, 16655 S.E. 136th St., between July 29 and Aug. 2.

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Police & Fire

August 1, 2013

Peeping photographer

An unknown male knocked on the door of a house in the 15500 block of Southeast 79th Place June 30 and said he was hired to fix cracks on the exterior of the house. The homeowner did not hire the man to do anything and asked him to leave. Before the man left in a black SUV, he took several photos of the house. The homeowner was advised to contact the police if the subject returned.


Sound the alarm

An unknown suspect entered a home in the 8500 block of 135th Avenue Southeast July 1, but was startled when an audible security alarm went off, and he ran away. The suspect pried open a window screen causing $60 in damage, but left before taking anything.

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Police & fire

July 5, 2013

Missing a suitcase?

A Newcastle resident found a red suitcase filled with women’s clothing and children’s VHS tapes discarded near a walking trail just north of Southeast 87th Street. The suitcase had reportedly been there since June 1, but it was not reported until June 3.



An unknown suspect shattered the front passenger window of a vehicle in the Walkers Run Condominiums parking lot, 7453 Newcastle Golf Club Road, between June 3 and 4. The suspect rifled through the glove box, taking an owner’s manual and vehicle registration.

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Police & fire

June 6, 2013

Off-leash incident

An unknown man reportedly threatened a dog owner and his canine at gunpoint while walking at Lake Boren Park, at about 7:30 p.m. April 30. The off-leash golden retriever approached the man, who was walking with two others, to greet them when the man pulled out what was described as a black, semi-automatic gun, and threatened to shoot the dog and its owner if he did not grab his pet. The owner grabbed the dog and the man walked away. Local police and several other patrol units in the area arrived to search the park, but they did not find the suspect.


BB gun

During a routine patrol in the 8700 block of 113th Avenue Southeast, an officer was flagged down by a resident who reported that his car had been dinged by BB gun pellets between May 2 and 3. The resident also noticed that several tools from his shed were missing.

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