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Frequently Asked Questionsá

When does the Newcastle News get published?

The first Friday of the month.


What is the deadline for placing an ad?

Space reservation deadline is Tuesday, ten days prior to publish date. Camera ready materials deadline is Thursday, eight days prior to publish date
What does an ad cost?
Ad cost is based on the size of the ad (number of column inches) and the ad frequency. Call the advertising department for rate information. 425-392-6434, ext. 229. For classified ads, use ext. 222.
What is a column inch?
A column inch is the basic building block of all ads. A page has five columns across the page and each column is 2 1/6Š wide. The size of an ad equals the number of columns wide multiplied by the number of inches tall (1Š to 13Š). For example, a ‹2x4 adŠ is 2 columns wide by 4 inches tall or 8 column inches
Who do I call to place an ad?
Call 425-392-6434, ext. 229 to reach the Advertising Manager.
Can I get a discount on my ad?
Yes, if you sign a contract. Our rate card has discounts built into the rates based on the total dollars you will spend during a 12 month period. We will be glad to help you develop an advertising plan that (1) fits your needs, and (2) helps you take advantage of the lowest possible ad rate
What is a short rate?

A ‹short rateŠ is the amount you will pay if you do not complete your annual contract. It is the difference between the open rate and the reduced column inch rate you were invoiced for your advertising. Should you cancel your contract before completion of your contract, you will owe that amount for each ad that has run.

Can you produce my ad for me?

Yes. Our production department can produce your ad at no charge, and provide you with a proof prior to publication.

If I produce my own ad, what type of files do you accept?
We accept only PDF files, and for color ads, CMYK PDF files. We accept them electronically or on disk
Do you have a rate for non-profits?
Yes. It is available for 501-C3 corporations that are not in competition with like businesses. For example, a church-run pre-school must compete ‹on the same playing fieldŠ as other pre-schools, and would not be eligible for the
non-profit rate. A church itself would qualify.
Do you accept inserts?
Yes. Rates vary depending on contract level, circulation and page count.
Can you print my insert for me?
No, we do not print inserts. You will be responsible for getting your insert printed and delivered to our printer in Kent.