December blotter

January 2, 2015

Lake Boren donuts

An unknown suspect in an unknown vehicle drove onto the grass at Lake Boren Park, 13000 S.E. 84th Way, tearing it up and spraying mud between Nov. 26 and 29. It most likely occurred when the ground was frozen.


Mail theft

An unknown suspect stole mail from a box in the 11800 block of Southeast 79th Court Dec. 3. A homeowner noticed that his and eight of his neighbors’ mailboxes had been emptied.


Samara did it

A Newcastle resident arrived at his home in the 13000 block of Southeast May Creek Park Drive to find that an unknown suspect had ripped open his waiting packages and took a few items, including a copy of the movie “The Ring” Dec. 9.


O Christmas Tree

A package filled with three pre-lit Christmas trees was stolen Dec. 9 from a porch in the 13800 block of Southeast 77th Place.


The real Grinch

An anonymous caller reported that two people were seen taking items from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Puget Sound donation bin in the AM/PM parking lot, 6966 Coal Creek Parkway S.E., Dec. 10. The caller was able to give police the reported suspects’ license plate number.


Up in smoke

A Coal Creek Utility District employee turned in a Superman backpack filled with glass smoking devices. It was found Dec. 11 behind the Del Mar Apartments, 12828 Newcastle Way.



During regular patrol Dec. 12, a Newcastle officer spotted a white truck with stolen license plates in the Coal Creek Utility District parking lot, 6801 132nd Place S.E. The car’s owner, a CCUD employee, said the plates were reported as stolen, but he since received replacement ones, since the DMV re-issues vanity plates.


Library looting

An unknown suspect stole a $400 computer from the Newcastle Library, 12901 Newcastle Way, between Dec. 13 and 15.


Suspicious vehicle

An officer spotted what appeared to be a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the Newport Crossing Apartments, 7311 Coal Creek Parkway S.E, Dec. 17. The 2008 Toyota Prius was covered with dirt and pine needles and had a shattered back window. The owner of the vehicle lives in Snoqualmie, and while the vehicle had not yet been reported stolen, the officer had the car impounded.

Our 2015 goals for a better Newcastle

January 2, 2015

As the city heads into the coming year, Newcastle continues to grow and flourish. Here are a few of our goals for the city in 2015.

Look to the future — The city has enjoyed a few years of financial stability, but looking at future forecasts, challenges are ahead as development revenues begin to disappear. Begin the discussion now, not later, to make decisions that will ensure the city’s financial future isn’t seeing red.

Keep an eye on Energize Eastside — Puget Sound Energy’s Community Advisory Group just selected its recommended routes, and both include proposed electric transmission lines through Newcastle. The company’s Energize Eastside process, aimed at upgrading power lines to fulfill the growing demand, is far from over, though. Make your voice heard and participate in the coming Environmental Impact Statement process and any other avenues offered to share your concerns. Read more

January letters

January 2, 2015

Join the fight to prevent PSE project

Thank you, Olympus residents who came to the Puget Sound Energy Community Advisory Group meeting Dec. 10.

There were more than 400 in attendance — standing room only. A lot of people were wearing orange to support the Coalition of Eastside Neighborhoods for Sensible Energy. I was the alternate attending the meeting around the CAG table speaking for Olympus. And I was one of the three that refused to vote on any final route, as any vote would harm our residents since segment M is in both remaining routes. The three of us not voting will sign a minority report and present it to PSE with the reasons why we did not vote.

Please go to — join the cause — get on the mailing list to follow what comes next, as it will help us continue the fight to keep this project out of our neighborhood, with alternate solutions to large towers and more wires. Read more

Notes from Newcastle: Library has help when you need it

January 2, 2015

My brother has probably always been mentally ill, but it wasn’t until he was in his late 20s that a psychiatrist confirmed his schizophrenia. Adding to his complexity, he is vulnerable with a developmental disability, a wandering soul and a fierce streak of independence.

Before I became his official caregiver in 1999, my family saw him evicted from apartments, thrown in jail and pursued by collection agencies, and he was one bad break away from becoming homeless. Flash forward 15 years and I’m happy to say, with the proper help from a variety of agencies, my brother is stable.

My personal experiences with my brother and my work as a public librarian make me keenly aware of the challenges some of our community members face. The Newcastle Library doesn’t often see the challenging societal issues some of our other King County Library System branches face, but we remain aware the need for assistance exists in every community, regardless of age, ethnicity or income level. Read more

Oh, the irony…

January 2, 2015

I have, for more than 25 years, donated blood. My own blood, by the way, if that wasn’t clear. I’ve filled the plastic bag at Puget Sound Blood Centers, in school auditoriums and in my current favorite: The Bloodmobile that shows up at the Newcastle Y every eight weeks or so.

Yes, it can sometimes be a bit time-consuming, which is why I was elated when I opened the PSBC website and saw a large button that said, “Donate online!” For a nanosecond I pondered how it might be accomplished — Via USB port? Would one need broadband? — and then I realized that they had yet to find a way to siphon my blood over the ethernet, but instead were seeking monetary donations.


The Sainted One gives plasma, and his blood type is such that it mixes with all other types, which means that his plasma is as coveted as Seahawks season tickets at the 50-yard line. When he’s due for a session we get a persistent but pleasant phone call a day from a volunteer until he books it. He gets his own TV and blanket while he donates.

Admittedly, I do get cookies and a choice of drinks when I’m done, so it’s not as if my needs are ignored. I always choose V8 because it makes me feel like I’m replenishing what I’ve lost. They have yet, however, to stock the little bottles of vodka that I keep requesting.

But something has begun to mess with my desire to donate. My iron levels are sometimes not high enough for giving. For a quarter of a century I’ve had the right stuff, and even though I’m not eating differently, and even though I love kale, spinach, seafood, a good steak and Almond Roca, my numbers have gone down. According to the folks at the PSBC, that’s not unusual, especially for women. And according to my doctor, my levels are not “low” by medical standards, so there’s nothing to treat.

So here’s where I take a moment to apologize to the white-coated PSBC technicians who prick my finger to get the blood drop for the iron test. I sit in the tiny room that feels eerily like a Catholic church confessional, and because I believe in mind over matter, I will chant in my head: “Be the iron. Be filled with lots of iron,” and then I’ll wait breathlessly for the result. And here’s why I apologize: Because when I don’t pass, I swear like an inebriated longshoreman in spite of all attempts to amicably shrug and say, “OK. Maybe next time.”

The Bloodmobile will probably be rolling around again in January. I am now taking a 65mg iron tablet a day. I’ll show them, those #!!?#?##!!!


You can reach Pat Detmer — who will give her signed book to anyone who donates at the Newcastle Y Bloodmobile for the first time in his or her life — at

Hazen High School wrestlers to tackle pancreatic cancer Jan. 16

January 2, 2015

For the fifth straight year, the Hazen High School wrestlers will tackle more than their opponents.

They’ll do all that they can to tackle pancreatic cancer at a Jan. 16 meet and fundraiser.

Hazen’s event annually raises about $2,000 for pancreatic cancer research through bake sales, T-shirt sales and admission costs.

The fundraiser is inspired by Hazen coach Rory Magana’s father, Rodney, who died just eight months after he was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer in 2011. Read more

Hazen, Liberty sports programs had a good 2014

January 2, 2015

There was no shortage of success stories in the 2014 Hazen and Liberty sports seasons. Here are the ones that stood out among the rest.

Hazen drillers make it three in a row

Contributed The Hazen High School drill team and coaches show off their third consecutive first-place trophy after the Dance and Drill State Championships March 29 at the Yakima SunDome.

The Hazen High School drill team and coaches show off their third consecutive first-place trophy after the Dance and Drill State Championships March 29 at the Yakima SunDome.

Read more

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