Updated: Motorcylist tumbles off I-90 overpass while eluding police

August 12, 2014

NEW — 11:30 a.m. Aug. 12, 2014

A motorcyclist suffered severe injuries Aug. 6, after vaulting over the Interstate 90 Highlands Drive exit overpass into the east fork of Issaquah Creek below.

A Washington State Patrol trooper clocked two motorcycles over the speed limit on I-90 and initiated a traffic stop, according to Trooper Karim Boukabou.

“A trooper was working general traffic and saw the two motorcycles accelerate at a big rate,” he said. “They were going about 22 miles over the speed limit.”

He said a blue motorcycle sped up to 130-140 miles per hour, while a yellow Ducati 749 did not flee as quickly. Read more