Heroes in action

November 1, 2012

Newcastle police, Bellevue fire departments help man in medical emergency

By Christina Corrales-Toy
Baine and Diana Moshe hold their children, (from left) Baine and Shalom, who are clutching the teddy bears they received from Newcastle Police Chief Melinda Irvine.

On the surface, it looked horrible.

A driver, sitting in his car, with two young children in the back seat, about to go the wrong direction toward oncoming traffic on Coal Creek Parkway as he turned out of the Safeway parking lot the afternoon of Sept. 26.

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan parked his large truck in front of the car, stopping the driver and avoiding any damage.

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Discussion begins on 2013 budget

November 1, 2012

City Manager Rob Wyman and Finance Director Christine Olson presented a balanced, and mostly status quo, 2013 preliminary budget to the Newcastle City Council at its Oct. 16 meeting.

The budget preserves core services, improves public safety and, per council policy, was presented as balanced without suggested new revenue sources and no property tax increase, Wyman said.

The preliminary budget includes a proposal to improve public safety by adding a 50-50 shared detective to the Newcastle police force, which would increase costs by about $60,000 for detective services.

The 50-50 shared detective would ensure the city is allocated a half-time detective that will spend half of his or her time working for the city, and the other half working for the county.

Currently, Newcastle is one of the only cities that contracts with the King County Sheriff’s Office that does not have a full-time person who works as a detective for the city, Wyman said.

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Improper installation causes parkway concerns

November 1, 2012

Phase one shows indications of ‘premature failure’

A portion of Coal Creek Parkway between Newcastle Way and Southeast 84th Way is showing signs of “premature failure,” with indications of longitudinal cracking, according to Bryan Hawkins, an engineer with HWA GeoSciences Inc.

The city of Newcastle contracted with the company to study pavement conditions on phase one of Coal Creek Parkway.

The report states that there was likely no tack coat applied between the upper and lower lifts of pavement that were installed in 2002 and 2003.

The lack of a bond between the two lifts is not ideal because it creates air pockets, Public Works Director Mark Rigos said.

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City Council approves project to protect homes from flooding on 118th Avenue

November 1, 2012

The Newcastle City Council has approved a project that will help protect properties from flooding in the 8600 block of 118th Avenue Southeast.

The project, which calls for the installation of three catch basins and 325 feet of stormwater drainage pipe, will benefit four properties on the street and cost the city an estimated $52,000 to complete.

Resident Tim Thomson, whose home will benefit from the project, said his property has fallen victim to flooding in the past due to stormwater runoff from steady rains.

Public Works Director Mark Rigos brought the project before the council and advised them to approve the fix, which it did at its Sept. 18 meeting. He said the street was constructed decades ago, well before the city of Newcastle even existed, when contractors were not required to install catch basins or construct a proper drainage system for stormwater runoff.

The system will bring some relief to the homeowners, who are susceptible to flooding because of rain that flows off of the road and neighboring roofs.

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EFR battles forest fire near The Golf Club at Newcastle

November 1, 2012

Firefighters from Eastside Fire & Rescue, the Bellevue and Duvall fire departments and the Forest Service responded to a forest fire near The Golf Club at Newcastle at 6 p.m. Oct. 2.

The fire was spotted by a pilot who relayed the information to an air traffic controller at the Renton Airport, said Lt. Troy Donlin, Bellevue Fire Department spokesman.

Initially, firefighters were not exactly sure where the fire was, but the approximate location of the response was the corner of 154th Avenue Southeast and Southeast 83rd Court, according to Capt. Todd Dickerboom, of the Bellevue Fire Department.

Two women then alerted the firefighters to the blaze about a quarter-mile into the Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park near Marshall’s Hill Trail, Dickerboom said.

The size of the fire was approximately 1.5 acres, Donlin said.

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Newcastle residents work to save ‘Bambi’

November 1, 2012

Newcastle resident Ana Martinez Hueto flew into action when she noticed a deer in her backyard had some sort of wire around its neck Oct. 21.

She called the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Department of Natural Resources, the city of Newcastle, local television stations — anyone who might be able to help the poor animal.

By Ana Martinez Hueto
A young deer with wire around its neck visits a backyard in the 14000 block of Southeast 83rd Street.

It took her a while to get a response, Hueto said, but now it appears everyone knows about Bambi, her nickname for the young deer who visits her home in the 14000 block of Southeast 83rd Street.

The deer doesn’t appear to be in any immediate danger, since he’s able to get around easily, but it could turn into something worse, Department of Fish and Wildlife Sgt. Kim Chandler said.

Chandler said the most pressing issue is determining Bambi’s location.

If neighbors see the deer, they are encouraged to call the Department of Fish and Wildlife at 775-1311.

More than 100 attend town hall

November 1, 2012

About 115 residents armed with electronic voting clickers responded to real-time poll questions at the annual town hall meeting held Oct. 29 at The Golf Club at Newcastle.

City Manager Rob Wyman presented information about the 2013 preliminary budget and development in the city, then Newcastle Police Chief Melinda Irvine offered information on community safety and crime prevention.

The evening ended with a question-and-answer session, where topics discussed included annexation to Bellevue, how the City Council prioritizes the city’s capital projects and the development of the Mutual Materials site.

The meeting was well attended, with nearly every seat full. In fact, the city ran out of clickers to hand out to residents.

Find out more about the meeting and see results from the poll questions at www.newcastle-news.com.

Newcastle college students graduate

November 1, 2012

Daniel Brown, a Newcastle resident, earned his undergraduate degree from Western Washington University for the summer 2012 quarter. Brown received a bachelor’s degree in communication.

Marcia Nobuyama, a Newcastle resident, earned her undergraduate degree from Washington State University for the summer 2012 semester. Nobuyama received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Rapid Response

November 1, 2012

What are you most looking forward to when the Newcastle Library opens Dec. 8?

An award-winning book and media selection that’s only minutes away. Not to mention, meeting rooms! Various clubs and HOAs would greatly appreciate that service.

— Dave Martinez


A great place to simply look at physical books, research and commune with others in our great Newcastle!

— Jackie Foskett


What capital projects or priorities would you like to see the City Council pursue as the 2013 preliminary budget is unveiled?

Carving bus turnouts to Newcastle Way and other streets that would benefit. Enough said.

— Dave Martinez

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Litzow, Maxwell for state representatives

November 1, 2012

Newcastle voters face some clear choices in the legislative races on the Nov. 6 ballot. If you haven’t yet voted, here is more food for thought.


State Senate — Steve Litzow

Republican Steve Litzow was elected to represent the 41st District just 22 months ago. Already, Litzow has shown leadership on diverse issues — education reform and same-sex marriage among them — and the capacity to ably represent his constituents. Most notably, Litzow played a key role in bringing together both political parties to agree on a state budget. He has demonstrated his ability to work across the aisle for the good of his district. He deserves the opportunity to return for a full term.

Opponent Maureen Judge is an articulate, intelligent candidate, and we encourage her to seek public office again in the future.


State House of Representatives,

Position 1 — Marcie Maxwell

Democrat Marcie Maxwell serves her district well by acting as a genuine community representative. Residents in Issaquah, Sammamish, Newcastle and other cities throughout the district are as apt to meet her at community functions as residents in her hometown, Renton. Every district should be so lucky as to have an elected official that has the time to devote to community outreach and understanding.

Challenger Tim Eaves wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his commitment to serve, but Maxwell is the better choice.

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