Liberty class schedules won’t be changing soon, superintendent says

January 31, 2012

NEW — 3:55 p.m. Jan. 31, 2012

No major changes, at least not immediately.

That was essentially the recommendation of Issaquah School Superintendent Steve Rasmussen regarding possible adjustments to the schedules at the district’s four high schools.

But at the same time he made that recommendation to what proved to be a somewhat dissatisfied school board, Rasmussen did lay down several action steps he expects high school principals to take in the coming months.

District officials have been studying common schedules at the high schools in part in order to make better use of resources, including teachers. A schedule committee failed to come up with any final recommendation for a unified schedule, though they shared numerous findings on the overall issue.

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Motorists to receive refunds after state Route 520 tolling glitch

January 31, 2012

NEW — 11:10 a.m. Jan. 31, 2012

The state Department of Transportation plans to refund motorists 25 cents for recent state Route 520 bridge tolls, as officials investigated a glitch responsible for motorists paying incorrect amounts to cross the span.

The refund applies if a motorist made the trip between Seattle and Medina from Jan. 17 to 25. Drivers should receive a refund, even if the state billed them correctly. The state charges a 25-cent transaction fee for motorists traveling the bridge infrequently and pay by license plate, rather than a tolling pass.

Toll system engineers corrected the problem Jan. 26. The issue did not affect drivers billed through a pay-by-mail system.

Engineers the equipment’s internal clock intermittently lost time and re-synched to the correct time.

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